Lesson 10: Ideas for MVP

1)  The practical side of doing MVPs

Lior is an entrepreneur and a builder of many things urbanist.
Hear his stories of launching multiple products and learn about his success (and failures) along the way.

2) Building the right thing vs. Building the thing right

MVPs are about learning. Start building with any tool is already helpful. Spending time on your solution develops your solution and your understanding of the problem.

Easy way to do this:

  • Pick any tool from the list below
  • Block 1 hour of your time
  • Set a goal: for example to have a clickable prototype (perhaps using Marvel?)

Drop the PhD everything needs to be perfect mindset. Your first MVP should aim to get your product out the door quickly, and rough edges are to be expected.

3) Reminder: MVP Tools list

There are a lot of tools out there that make it easy to build MVPs.